Events 2022 – 2023


Devi Family Picnic

This event is especially devoted exclusively for Devians, their families and teachers usually held in summertime before Christmas.
Lots of food, drinks, games and fun fare fills the day. The event gives ample opportunity for Devians to renew old friendships and make new connections with fellow Devians.

Devi Family Picnic was successfully held on 4th December 2022. Quite a number of Devi families gathered for the event, a fun filled day with a lot of activities for kids and adults. Delicious food was shared with abundance of water and drinks for everyone.

Click here to see a glimpse of the Devi Family Picnic.  Devi Family Picnic December 2022


Founders Alms Giving

Annual alms giving is held to mark in Devi Founders Day during the month of March each year at the “Dhamma Sarana Buddhist temple” in Keysborough, Victoria. Alms and donations are offered to the incumbent priests of the temple. This event is attended by most past pupils irrespective of religious beliefs in remembrance of all founders, teachers and fellow Devians who have contributed to make our Alma mater and ourselves into what we are today.

Founders Alms Giving was held on 26th January 2023.


Winery Luncheon

Devi Winery Luncheon, is organised by the committee,  inviting all Devians and their friends to unwind in stylish elegance. It is an enormously elegant event to catch up with friends and experience an afternoon that will be remembered a life time. Ladies dress for the spring and indulge in delicious delights catching up with school friends.

The elegant Winery Luncheon was held on 19th March 2023.


Devi Blood Donation

The first ever group blood donation camp was organized by the Association in February 2015 in collaboration with “Club Red the
Australian Red Cross Blood Donation Society. This was the very first community services project of the Association. The event took
place at the Red Cross Blood Donation Centre in Mt Waverley, Victoria and was attended by many Devians, their families and well-wishers.

Devi Blood Donation program is planned for June 2023


Devi Night Dinner Dance

Devi Night Dinner Dance was held annually by DBPPAA since its inception and has been well attended by Devians, their families, friends, and well wishers . While the Devi Night is our main fund raising activity for our Scholarship Fund it also makes a platform for Devians to meet and enjoy with their friends not only from Victoria but interstate as well. Devi Night has earned a reputation as a vibrant event with quality and glamour, and become a well-liked event among Melbourne Sri Lankan community.

Devi Dinner Dance 23, Devi Dazzle 2023 will be held on 2nd September 2023.